Drone Precision Tournament

Drone Tournament 2021 is canceled

The biggest digi festival in Finland, Assembly Summer 2021, has been canceled because of Covid situation and restrictions regarding large public events
Stay tuned for Drone Tournament 2022

Ultrahack and RobotsExperts are organising Drone Tournament in connection to Assembly in Helsinki Finland. During the competition teams will simulate real life drone use cases for the first time using both 5G and satellite technology.

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The biggest challenge in current drone logistics is the landing, which is particularly difficult in a changing environment. While landing the drone, one should produce accurate information about the surroundings, such as humans, trees, buildings, electrical wires and other obstacles that increase the risks related to the landing. Precise information about the surroundings is equally important when flying the drone, especially in the vicinity of landing places, in order to reduce the risk of collision. Particularly in quickly changing environments, such as construction sites, new sensor technologies and artificial intelligence solutions should be developed. This way drones can deliver to construction sites more efficiently and safely in the near future.


Drone Tournament Introduction webinar: An opportunity to engage and network with the community and the organizers. Join the informative webinar to find out more about the challenges and the requirements for participation, as well as all challenge partners and what they will provide to contestants for the event.

Precise GNSS for UAVs- workshop with u-blox and Septentrio Join this educational webinar to learn from the best in the industry! Experts from Septentrio and u-blox will help all participants develop their equipment and reach centimeter accuracy to ensure maximum precision when executing the Drone Tournament challenges.

  • Precise GNSS for UAVs- workshop with u-blox and Septentrio 13th September at 3pm - 4.30pm
  • Register here


In the Drone Precision Tournament, contestants compete about the ability of drones to land and navigate around obstacles using 5G, GNSS and various sensor technologies and artificial intelligence solutions.

These solutions enable more precise and faster landings and flights between obstacles. Sensor technology can be used in the form of video image, stereo video image, lidar, bluetooth lighthouse, radio radar and more to produce more accurate information about the distances between the landing point or obstacle and the drone. By using artificial intelligence, the aim is to process this information to produce even better location information and to increase the level of automation during the flight and the landing of the drones.

Teams will have a few month time before the game to develop and innovate new solutions with the help of challenge owners. During this R&D&I phase, teams will have at least two workshops with challenge owners where the teams can get more technical information about the challenge and used technologies.

Teams in each class are gathering points by landing on different landing pads and flying through obstacles. Landing pads and obstacles have different points, and as challenging the landing or navigation through an obstacle is, the more points the team can collect. Each team can collect points for 5 minutes per round, and teams have three games to improve their scores. Between the matches, teams have time to finetune their systems and improve their performance. The winner in each class is the team who collected more points in the bestround.

Stara last mile logistics challenge

Do you know that 10.05 billion deliveries will be completed worldwide in 2020? Among delivery phases, last-mile delivery is extremely significant, as most of the total revenue and transportation cost come from it. For example, last-mile delivery is worth approximately $115 billion out of the $270 total revenue pool from eCommerce (Elogii 2020). And if the forecasts for 2030 are right, there will also be a 78% increase in last-mile deliveries in urban areas across the world (Elogii 2020). What are the consequences if we choose not to innovate? Emissions from delivery traffic and traffic congestion will be inevitable.

Given the background, Stara Last Mile Logistics Challenge is created to challenge the existing last-mile delivery. This challenge invites participants to manage intelligent supply chains and to deliver an urgent delivery with the weight of a maximum of 2 kilograms to a construction site in an urban environment by drone. In detail, your drone delivery starts from an in-built 10x20 frame in Assembly, Messukeskus. The order is sent to the subcontractors’ systems, and further to the subcontractors’ express delivery points. The whole route takes place in the in-built frame in Assembly. Assessment is made based on the total time taken to complete all orders. Time starts from the moment your drone departs from the pick-up point and ends when all orders are delivered and the drone arrives at the pick-up point.

What's special about the challenge? You will have a chance to compete in a real-life stimulative environment provided by Onninen, Etra, Ahlsell and Wurth. The challenge scenario is that you have to deliver an urgent order from a construction site. We also give the tournament a thrill of excitement by utilising GNSS and radio interference.

As an organiser, we encourage you to use all available resources, e.g. GNSS, 5G, Lidar, tags, and beacon to make it happen. Your teams are also allowed to bring their own technology to the landing pad to enhance your performance.

GNSS landing and navigation game

Drones are tackling everything from disease control to pizza delivering. As demand for drone flight in urban areas increases, precise landing and navigation are considered as a real bottleneck to mass commerce drone usage. This challenge invites you to use GNSS based solutions for positioning down to centimetre accuracy.

In detail, your task is to land and navigate your drone through obstacles on site within 5 minutes. Your drone takes off from an in-built 10x20 frame in Assembly, Messukeskus. Landing pads and obstacles have different points depending on their difficulty. A winner is the team that collects the highest points. Each team has an extra round to improve their score. There is a short break between two rounds for your teams to calibrate their systems.

Keywords for this challenge are speed and accuracy. We encourage you to use technologies, e.g. flight controllers, ground control stations, onboard computers, cloud-based computation, and advanced algorithms to make it happen. Your teams are also allowed to bring your own GNSS-based technologies to optimise your performance. Moreover, there is one GNSS base station and one GNSS antenna including cabling provided by Septentrio available on site.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight flight over 5G competition game

For years, development of safe drone traffic has been one of Telia's major research focuses. This year, Telia hosts BVLOS Flight Over 5G Competition Game to discover true capabilities of drones using 5G networks. This challenge theme is a great opportunity to test short delay utilization in a demanding environment. Ultimately, it will provides valuable tools to make future drone transports more safe and secure.

The challenge invites you to use Telia's public 5G mobile network for Command and Control link and video stream. In detail, your task is to land and navigate your drone through obstacles on site by using a video stream sent from drone to pilot. Your drone takes off from an in-built 10x20 frame in Assembly, Messukeskus. Each team has 5-minute time to collect as many points as possible. A winner is the team that collects the highest points. There is a short break between two rounds for your teams to calibrate systems.

Keywords for this challenge are speed and accuracy. You are encouraged to use technology, e.g. onboard computers, 5G modems, flight controllers, ground control stations and cloud-based computation to improve the video streaming and controlling performance. Furthermore, Telia offers you 5G SIM cards on the competition date.



We are proudly to present the best partners in the drone & UAV industries, who are bringing their technology and knowledge together to make the Drone Tournament happen.

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Drone Tournament Press Release, 4.7.2021
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