Drone Precision Tournament

The Drone Tournament has re-launched!
On June 8-10, 2022 join us in Helsinki, Finland, for an amazing competition to precision control drones over land and sea.

Made possible by Ultrahack


The winners of the Drone Tournament 2022 are:


There are 3 challenges you can choose from to participate in, selecting just one or any combination of the 3:

In all challenges, teams will receive points for their performance, timing and accuracy.

Safety is everything during the tournament. Teams will earn extra points based on the safety procedures and operation professionalism.

Note: Every team must have a geofence in use for risk mitigation. Coordinates are: 601138N 0245108E - 601121N 0245147E - 601056N 0245037E - 601104N 0245015E - 601107N 0245014E - 601138N 0245108E

Registration Deadline: Registration for this event is now closed. You are welcome to attend the event as a spectator! See below for the event schedule.


A workshop with mentors will be hosted to ensure you are ready for competition day. You can participate in multiple challenges or just one, so start preparing your strategy now!

SDKs and libraries will also be provided to help improve your performance.


Prizes for the tournament include a 5.000€ cash prize pool, cool gear from U-Blox and Septentrio, 5G phones by Telia, and of course a lot of fame and visibility. (This is the first drone tournament ever to ask participants to land on a moving boat -- be one of the first to pull it off!)

Challenge Webinar

Ultrahack organises an informative webinar for interested participants to get familiar with the challenge and participate in Q&A.

The Drone Tournament 2022 webinar took place on 2 May, 2022 at 18:00 EET.

Tournament Schedule


General audiences are invited to join us on tournament day! You can watch from the beach at Otaranta from 9:00-15:00 on Thursday, 9 June, for the most action. We advise bringing a water bottle, sunscreen, and a blanket to sit on for the best experience. We will also stream up-close footage from the boat landings to dronetournament.org.


We are proudly to present the best partners in the drone & UAV industries, who are bringing their technology and knowledge together to make the Drone Tournament happen.

Stara u-blox Septentrio Telia Fuave The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute of National Land Survey Business Finland VTT Research Microsoft Forum Virium Helsinki robots.expert BVDrone Wurth Adita Etra Ultrahack innovation platform Ultrahack innovation platform

Interested to join as a partner?

Contact juhani.kivikangas@ultrahack.org for partnerships.

If you have questions about the tournament, don't hesitate to reach out to jana.haggard@ultrahack.org or francisca.gomes@ultrahack.org.